Tank Trouble 2: Multiplayer Tank Mahyem

Tank Trouble 3, the second version in the Tank Trouble family is an arcade tank shooter strategy video game. In this addictive multiplayer game, every player controls a tank and the main goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s tank by firing projectiles at them. The game is separated into distinct rounds which are played in numerous types of mazes. When you fire a shell, it does have a high chance to hit your too, so you need to be very careful about the positioning. When you fire, the shell may also bounce through the walls and could hit your opponents in its path. You can win more easily if you take advantage of the bounces and position yourself respectively. Several bonuses spawn around the map, which is to be collected by the players grant addition weapons and powers to the player. All of these varieties make this game one of a kind and a very enjoyable one.

Tank Trouble 2: Multiplayer Tank MahyemMODES OF GAMEPLAY:
Tank Trouble 2 is a multiplayer only game, unlike its predecessor. Therefore there are only two game modes available unlike Tank Trouble 4: the 2 Player and 3 Player.
In 2 Player mode, you are able to play a game of Tank Trouble with a friend of yours on one computer without the need of a separate mouse or keyboard. Each of you is given distinct keys to command your tank around the mazes.
In the 3 Player mode, you can play with two other friends of your on the same computer. As like the previous mode, each of you is given distinct controls.

2 Player Mode: One of the player uses Q button to shoot projectiles and E, S, D and F to travel inside the mazes. The other player uses the M button to shoot and the directional keys to travel inside the mazes.
3 Player Mode: In this mode two of the players use the same control as the above mode and the last uses the mouse to move around the base and the left mouse buttons to project shells.

Walls are your best friends if taken the right advantage of them.2. Move around the map always, even if you don’t have to. This might save you from shells that were bounced back from the walls.3. The mouse is a bit more efficient than the other two controls, so when playing as three people, try to clutch the mouse before anyone else could grab it.

Return Man 5 game review

The Return Man 5, commonly referred to as Linebacker, is simply an adjustment of the previous version which was dubbed The Return Man 3 Unblocked. The game boasts dozens of fabulous features and updates which seamlessly fit it. In the game, one player is has to confront the entire team.


Nevertheless, in the initial stages, a player usually has the ball alongside 4 other players who shall provide the needed backing. The other players will protect the ball thus helping you to score in the process and also earn a few points.

What’s Unique about this Game?
In American football, one of the crucial aspects of this game is having a great defense. Apparently, the game has been designed to test the defensive capabilities of a player in real football. This game offers each and every player a rare opportunity of showcasing all their strategies and skills in football.

As a player, you will first have to dodge several blockers while running back. Once you manage to get a clear pathway, you will need to run faster but with great control so as to avoid unnecessary risks. Also, it’s imperative to pay attention to the movements of your opponents, since this shall allow you to find out their weak points.

When you get an opportunity, you should always try attacking your opponents. You should then tackle them until you get a clear pathway. However, in case you realize that things are not working as you would probably expect, try running back.

The game encompasses 3 exceptional techniques and moves which are very useful as far as Return Man 5 game is concerned. You should note that it is not easy to utilize these moves before you unlock them.

The game boasts of around 6 controls in total. You will utilize the L function whenever you wish to run to the right whereas the J function is used for running left. In addition, the K function is for running backwards while the I am used for running forward. To mute the game’s sound, use the M function. The space bar is mostly used for driving the tackles.

return man 5

In a nutshell, here is a list of the game’s controls:

  • J-Run left
  • I-Run Forward
  • L-Run right
  • Space Bar-Diving tackles
  • K-Run back
  • M-Mute

The Return Man 5 is a very stunning and contemporary game. It is designed for all the game lovers of varied ages. In addition, it offers a very realistic atmosphere that’s coupled with outstanding sound effects. While a few players claim this game does not provide the top-notch graphics, the game does not require any complex effects and graphics. It’s a great game which comes with a very amazing design and it is much better as compared to all the previous versions. Why not try it now? It is certainly a rewarding treat.


Want to play solitaire with a twist Why not try Fairway Solitaire

Fairway Solitaire is a video game that is based on the very popular card game, Solitaire. It was developed by Big Fish Studios and it is distributed by Big Fish Games. The game is available on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. It is available in single player mode. The game is available for download on Google play on android and iTunes for Apple. Online, one can play the game on kongregate web portal among other game sites.

Fairway SolitaireInstructions of the game
This game is presented to players as a modified type of solitaire that has a golf theme. Players use playing cards and golf clubs to clear the table. The main goal of the game is to clear through a collection of 70 courses with different challenges per course. When one challenge is met, it unlocks the next course enabling the player to advance. Players get rewarded trophies by completing different tasks and they also get prizes or in-game cash. They can also participate in daily challenges which win them trophies. Their scores are recorded and graded against all the other players on the matching platform and the statistics form the basis on achievements and awarding of trophies.

Each course has sand traps and water hazards which the player is expected to clear. Sand traps or sand cards are only revealed after the sand wedge card has been uncovered. The water hazards on the other hand, are special water cards that must be cleared off the board before the cards to the right can be exposed. The game has golf shops where players can pop in and buy equipment to help them play.

– If you don’t like such twisted version of the card games, here is simple one, just basic classic good old Solitaire.

Golf challenge with a twist
To make the game even more interesting, there is a character or gopher known as Gutsy McDivot. The gopher is hell bent on getting revenge on golfers who he believes killed his ancestor, Bravetooth. McDivot is seen making a contraption called Golfinator in cut scenes as one progresses in the game.

Controls of the game
The game is controlled by using the mouse. Just clicking on the cards places them on the foundation stack.

It is quite relaxing and at the same exciting playing a card game with a golf them. The challenges make the game very interesting and entertaining too. You should try it if you haven’t already but be warned, it could be addictive.


The Impossible Quiz 2 – Where not everything is what it should

The Impossible Quiz 2 was primarily invented by inXile’s Sparkworkz, and it is a quiz game. Its name comes from the fact that it is impossible to know everything in this life and the game is full of relative and tricky questions you have to answer or sometimes find the trick to move to the next level. This game could result addictive because of the tendency that we humans have on wanting to win at everything, so when we don’t accomplish something we keep on trying until we do.



You have to try to complete the quiz by answering all of the questions, for that you will need good logic, quick reflexes, luck, and to be good and fast with the mouse. If you have played the first game, that will help you too. You will also have to be able to think outside the box.

Not all of the possible answers of the questions are really what you need to do to get through the next level. You should be able to think logically and illogically sometimes. There are some levels that you will have to put your entire mind into and some where you will answer quite fast.


If a bomb appears on your screen you will have to be fast. If you let the timer mark cero the game is automatically over. Time markers can be between fifteen to one second.

Power Ups:

There are also two power ups that are hidden through the game. You can collect up to three skips that will help you to skip any question you want. There are some creatures called the “Fusestoppers” which can destroy bombs if you click on them when they are awake, there are three of them throughout the game too.



You will have to use your keyboard and mouse.

So remember not everything is as it seems.

In order to play next version of the game please follow the url :  impossiblequiz3.info


Dirt rider is a trick bike sports game. It is the one and only official game developed by the Dirt Rider TM magazine which is the largest off-road motorcycle magazine in America and a primary source for everything related to off road bikes and motor cross


In this game, you need to ride your bike over several courses. These courses are very challenging, so you need all the patience and skill you can get. You ride over these courses by revving the engine.You should also try to complete them as fast as possible to earn extra points. In summary, to play this game you must have skill and patience to keep your bike well balanced on the challenging courses to achieve higher scores.


In the Dirt Rider game, there is a lot of packed content like none other. There are several courses for one to ride their bikes, one can race in hot desert tracks to dense forests, from steep and insane mountains to indoor stadiums, from crazy rooftops trial races to dusty farm tracks’

The game’s graphics are stunning with all the latest visuals present. The game features squads and bikes and also includes a mini bike. It also has 16 different riders starting with the insane ones to the professionals. The game is designed with tight control and real physics for perfect smooth play.


One can choose to play the game in different modes. There is the Time Trial mode where one has to finish the race within a specified time. There is the knockout mode where one is competing with other riders. These riders are your opponents and you knock out the opponents off their bike and reach the finish line. There is the Single Race mode where once you finish a specified race you are given awards and the last one is the Tournament Mode in which you have to try and conquer all the tournaments.


The game’s controls are the up, down and sideways arrow keys. The up arrow key is used to accelerate the game. The down arrow key is used to Brake the bike. The left or right arrow keys are used for navigation. To make your pilot lean forwards or backwards, use the directional keys. If you love any game related to riding motocross or bikes then this is the game to play. It is exciting and dangerous.

Boxhead Hacked Unpacked

Boxhead Hacked gives you a simple and fun game. Slay zombies and devils on Single Play mode or jump to Cooperative play to play a friend or play 2 character yourself. But watch out the levels get more and more difficult as you continue to play. Become one several Boxy characters who rids the globe of zombies. Kill or be killed by the zombies and devils who overrun the earth. Earn more weapons by increasing your multiplier, each kill is worth 1 point on your multiplier. But be ware the better you become at killing zombies the more zombies you have to kill to make your multiplier points increase.

Boxhead Hacked UnpackedBoxhead Hacked Single Player Mode
You can move across the screen by the arrow keys in solo mode. Shoot using the space bar. Then lastly you can change weapons by using 0 and 9 keys.

Boxhead Hacked Cooperative Play Mode
Player 1 moves with the arrow keys and player 2 moves with W A S D. Then to shoot in cooperative mode Player 1 uses the / key and player 2 uses the spacebar. To change weapons Player 1 uses . and , keys. Player 2 uses Q and E keys.

Bamboo was dishonorably discharged from the army for blowing up an army base by mistake. He is an urban fighter, and is ready for whatever danger comes his way.
Bon is a member of SWAT and has joined forces with Bamboo to help rid indoor rooms of zombies and devils.
Bind is a secret agent from the queen’s secret service. He has been sent to give intelligence to the allies about the zombies location.
Sergeant Bert Boxman is an Ex-marine soldier who now works for anyone who will pay him. The people of Boxville have paid Bert to protect them from the Zombies and other nasty beings.
Zombies were once a citizen of Boxville, but contracted a virus from a pandemic and now feed on Boxers. Just like you would expect, the zombies are slow and easy to kill.
Devils are more dangerous than the zombies because they can shoot energy balls at you while your back is turned.

Quick Tips
Be sure you upgrade and get better weapons you will need them as the levels become more difficult. Take Care of the Box Devils ASAP, they shoot energy balls at you while you are not shooting them. And they are much more difficult to kill then the zombies. Play on the cooperative mode any get twice the fire power. And be ware of the explosives, they do kill a ton of zombies but don’t get trapped by the damage.

How to always win in Return Man 4 a.k.a Linebacker

“Return Man 4” is actually officially called “Linebacker”
“Return Man 4/Linebacker” is a continuation of the popular ESPN Arcade, free American football flash game, “Return Man”.
But this time, there is a twist; you are not playing as a “Return Man”, you get to play on the offensive as a “Linebacker”.
A linebacker’s main job is to attack the running back and prevent him from making the touchdown.
How does “Return Man 4/Linebacker” compare to the original “Return Man”?

So, is “Return Man 4/Linebacker” better than the original “Return Man” series?
I’ll leave it to you to make that judgement.
But I can tell you that this new version may be a little more difficult than the previous “Return Man” games; because, as we said earlier, you have one main objective; prevent the running back from making a touchdown, by tackling him.
But, you have to do all this while avoiding 4 or more defenders from tackling you.

If you don’t tackle the running back before he gets to the end zone to make a touchdown, you lose a “defensive stand”.
Your “defensive stand” is represented by a series of helmets at the top of your screen. These are your “lives”.
The game starts with 4 remaining “defensive stands”.
This time round, the players are running towards you, and all of them are out to tackle you, except the running back who is carrying the football to make a touchdown.

So how do you play Return Man 4/Linebacker?

Once again the Return Man 4/Linebacker game is entirely flash based; you control your player using your computer keyboard.
Use the “I” keyboard key to move your player forward, while simultaneously using the “J” keyboard key to dodge or run left and the “L” keyboard key to dodge or run right, the “K” keyboard key to move backward and the “Space bar” to dive tackle.

When the referee blows the whistle to start the game, the blockers start running towards you. Your work is to dodge them while keeping your eye on the running back who is headed straight for your end zone.
Just to show you how much you need it, a lightning bolt appears on your screen to give you a speed burst while dodging.

As usual, special moves must be earned and are controlled using the “A” key for the “Swim” special move, the “S” key for the “Shuck” special move and the “D” key for the “Bull Rush” special move.
Each special move can only be used once per “defensive stand”. Previous version of the game you can play on the official blog.

Play all versions of Impossible Quiz game series at impossiblequiz.info, blog where you can test your creative thinking.

Super Smash Flash 2; Super Smashing Fun in a Flash

Flash games are usually simple and not very challenging to say the least. An hour or two of play is often all it takes to go through one of them. However, some do break the mould and Super Smash Flash 2 is a perfect example as well as Trouble tank game. A sequel of the popular fighting game Super Smash Flash, it follows in the fast paced footsteps of other Super Smash Bros titles.

Unlike its predecessor, it has more attack and movement options. The number of human players have also been increased from two to four. A point to note is that the game is still in development and some player modes may be unavailable as a consequence. They present as grayed out. Here is how to play Super Smash Flash 5 and of course our source is supersmashflash5.net .

Just like in most Super Smash Bros. games, the goal is to knock down your opponents. This is by increasing their damage level which ultimately leads up to a K.O. There is a percentage counter which indicates an opponent’s health.

Super Smash Flash 2; Super Smashing Fun in a FlashControls
They have increased from two to four for special moves, attacking, shielding and taunting. Each player has a different set of controls with one having D, W, A and S and the other using the arrow keys. Players are free to customize their controls if they so choose.

Modes of Play
The two main modes of play are Stock and Time. In the former, you play until your all your lives end while in the latter, you play for a designated period of time and win if you have the most points. A draw leads to sudden death.

In single player, there are the four exclusive modes of play. There is Training where you evaluate different characters by changing your surroundings. You can also play in different Super Smash Bros locations in Adventure or compete in different events in Stadium. Alternatively, you can choose to fight a variety of characters at random in All Star.

Multi player allows you to play with other people online either singly or in a group and in a variety of modes too.

There is an assortment of characters on hand which fall into two categories. The first are available from the start while the second are unlocked as the game progresses. You are also free to download additional characters.

Last Thoughts
All in all a brilliant and fun game to play. Try it.

Happy wheels flash game guide

To play this game one is not required to register or download any kind of software, you are only required to update the latest version of the flash player of the browser that you are using which is totally free. This game also has a share option that allows you to share this great funny game with your friends with the help of social sites for instance facebook, linkedin, twitter and many others.

happy wheels logo


Happy wheels is one of the best online two wheeler racing game. One can select his or her character and the vehicle he or she is going to use in the game. This is an adventurous game whereby you have to run your character and vehicle to win or complete a level so that you can move to the next level. Once you have selected your racer you should play carefully not to crash until you finish the race. One requires patience and a good skill to finish all these levels.

One uses the ARROW KEYS to change the direction his or her vehicle is moving towards, the SPACEBAR performs primary actions. The work of the Z key is to eject. At times you can use ctrl and shift keys for secondary actions.


1) Sageway Guy, this character borrows some of the traits from other characters, it has an activator that allows it to jump up when you press the spacebar. He resembles a young person.

2) Irresponsible Dad, as the name suggests, his work is to carry his child on his bicycle throughout the game. Eve n if his child dies, the irresponsible dad goes on with the game to the end or to complete the level.

3) Wheelchair Uncle, He is the first character in the happy wheels game. He puts on stitched clothes and appears poor he also got a white mustache. He doesn’t seem young ,he sits on a wheelchair that has got a super jet technology added to his vehicle. Pressing the SPACEBAR key, the jet is fired thus its speed increases.

Happy wheels game

Demo of Happy wheels game is an arcade game that has a dark humorous twist. This is a game that you will love to play and try over and over. There are many tracks that you have to complete in each level and I am sure you will have lots of fun whenever you play this game. Some levels are really hard to pass but you need to try again and again. Another great version of the game is the one with cheats which can be found on the official site.

Play Gunblood Online and bring out your competitive spirit

Enjoy latest version of shooting game – Gunblood @ this blog and test your skills

Gunblood is one of the fun shooting games which bring out your competitive spirit. At the first glance, the game might not appeal to you, but once you begin the shooting challenges, it becomes interesting. Just when you begin the game, you will be asked to choose your avatar. This is one of the special features of the game, which you won’t find in any other game. The game is all about how you kill your opponent or die. The aim is to move quicker than the opponents so that you can play the next level or react too slowly and bite the dust. You just need to be swift in pulling your trigger or watch yourself get killed.

Play Gunblood Online and bring out your competitive spiritIf you are a die-hard shooting game fan and want to show off your skills, this game is exactly designed for players like you and to be honest SSF game is another great opportunity to show off you super gaming skills or you can try yourself in Happy Wheels as well. The game also allows you to choose several characters which offer you an interesting and unique feature. After you have selected a character you identify yourself with, you can proceed with the game. This game begins with a 20 percent shooting challenge. The clock counts till three and you need to be the fastest to win the game. In order to reach the final level of the game, you need to pass through nine stages.

The challenging part of the game is when you look at the score of your competitors. Simply by looking their high score, you will go back and play again. Once you see yourself rise in the scoreboard, there will be other as well doing the same. The best part of the game is, it is extremely addictive. Once you get into the game, you will find it interesting and hard to leave. The game creates a very competitive situation and you will be lost in the cycle in trying to beat your competitors.

Another interesting feature of the game is the sound. The excellent sound effects in the game make it amazing to play. Even while you are shooting another creature, it is nice to hear the sounds when their limbs fall apart.

gunblood game screenshotAbove all, Gunblood is really easy to learn and play. If you are playing the game for the first time, you will know it is difficult to beat other players in the game. So, you will be hooked into the game for hours trying hard to rank high up the scoreboard and beat other players. But whatever your aim is, you will definitely love this shooting game.

Check following funny video – GUN BLOOD vs The World’s Worst Gamer! above.